Our Commitment

It has been 30 years since we start our business in Kyoto, which is well known as one of the most academic cities in Japan accommodating many universities and research institutions.
We have provided dedicated support and services to researchers who go abroad for their business. Our customers are now wide spread around all over Japan, in more than 160 institutions.

What makes us very unique among thousands of other travel agents ?
Most of our customers go abroad for business purposes. This means they need to be there on that time with no delay, no put off.
But we, as you well know, might be involved in flight cancellation, or sometimes you might miss your transit flight in some reason.

As a specialist of business travels, we support our customers until they come back home safely by offering 24/7 emergency line. When your flight was unfortunately cancelled, please remember that you would have one more option except a crowded check-in counter at the airport and customer services of the airline to get your trip back on track.
We look forward to assist your next trip to the world!