Why You Should Arrange an Invitation Trip for Your Overseas Guest

立替不要 No Need to Pay Back

Do you know that your guest(or maybe you) need to pay 20% of income tax when the guest has purchased his own air ticket and received the fee back from you in Japan? You can save the tax by arranging his ticket in Japan and avoid to bother your guest with that matter.

円建精算 Payable in Yen

You can purchase an air ticket for your overseas guest in Japanese Yen. It must make the procedure in your institution quick and easy. We provide required documents promptly.

スケジューリング We Can Directly Contact Your Guest

Don't bother you being between your guests and a travel agency anymore! You can save your time by leaving it to us. We directly contact your guests and suggest the best plan for them.

インバウンド保険 Inbound Travel Insurance

We insure your guests against their accident while staying in Japan.(*NOTE) In the case of emergency, they can use 24/7 assistance service and receive insurance.

(*NOTE) Limited to within 14 days of stay in total

What We Can Do for Your Invitation Trip

・Iinerary Planning / Consulting (directly with your guest)
・Arrangement of flights / hotels / an airport limousine
・Advising for Japanese visa application
・Issuing documents (itinerary / quote / invoice etc.)

4 Simple Steps to Invite Your Overseas Guest


Request a Quote

Please let us know your inviting plan and conditions, such as the date, budget, available cabin class etc. We will suggest the best plan that would meet your request.


Decide a Plan

We can, if you wish, suggest some plans that meet your conditions directly to your guests and decide what the guests would be satisfied with.


Make a Booking / Final Confirmation

Most of the overseas tickets need to be issued soon (within a few days to 24 hours) after the reservation made. We usually ask a final confirmation at the same time of booking.


Receive an Air Ticket

We will email the E-ticket in PDF format.